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Save your time and money. Diffrent is your gateway to a seamless residential lifestyle. Make things simple and upgrade your life with all-in-one residential payments, instant loyalty rewards, and rent holiday solutions.

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It will be your first move. Let Diffrent take over the
hassle of your residential payments. So you can make
friends with your time and money.

Basic Plan

  • Online Rent Payment
  • Renters’ Insurance
  • Deposit Insurance
  • Guarantee Insurance
  • Moving in Service
  • Storage Space

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With powerful add-ons

Add some style to your home, furry friends, and life. Choose the cleaning, pet, and upscale services you need to breathe easy.

+ Cleaning

Home Cleaning Service
Dry Cleaning Service

+ Pet

Pet Insurance
Dog Walking Service
Pet Products
Vet Services

+ Upscale

Credit Building Tools
Funding Solutions
Babysitting Service

Add-on coming soon

Design your place with sleek furniture rentals or buy the furniture you always wanted. Now make yourself at home.


  • Furniture Rentals
  • Furniture Repairs
  • Furniture Loan

Meet Mementos

Your 5,000 new pocket friends. Mementos are
credits you can earn for paying your rent – add to that
bonus points for on-time payments – and for
purchasing goods or services on our platform.

Earn your first 5,000 Mementos by signing up and earn
even more by helping us spread the word. It’s free,
secure and one-time only.

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This is how Mementos work and add some peace of mind into your wallet. You can spend them on your rent and for any in-app goods or services you might need. And yes, Mementos even pay you a bonus.


1 = $0.01

Every $1 spent on rent earns you 0.5 in Mementos which equals $0.005 (0.5 ct)

Every $1 spent on any other Diffrent Service or Product earns you 1 in Mementos which equals $0.01 (1.0 ct)


100 = $1

100 Mementos give you $1  in spending power on anything you pay with Diffrent, from rent to cleaning service and insurance premium



Mementos carry 6% bonus per annum, payable at the 12-month anniversary


Earn through Sign Up

Now! By signing up now, before we launch the app, you get your first 5,000 Mementos and a Referral Code.

Earn through Referral Code

Every time someone uses your Referral Code to sign up, you get 750 more Mementos, and your friends the usual 5,000 Mementos, each.

What happens next

After we launch the app, you will have access to your Mementos from day one. Use them wisely! We’ll talk more about this soon.



This is our reward for you
and your trust.

5,000 Mementos in $50 free credit, available in your
account, upon signing up.

Use the credit to pay for everything from day one you join Diffrent,
from rent to insurance premium to local services,
or simply earn 6% bonus every year.

For us, it’s even more rewarding to make things easier,
especially during these tough times.

Keep in mind that we never sell or share your data with
third parties. We use 256-bit encryption on all data you
share. Everything is safe with us.





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